Studio Aberrant Architecture created a totemesque mobile structure for the Lower Marsh Market in Waterloo, London, taking its inspiration from forgotten sixteenth century English market structures.When the Waterloo Quarter Business Improvement District (BID) commissioned London-based studio Aberrant Architecture to design a new “roaming market” stall for the Lower Marsh Market in Waterloo, London, the new structure that resulted, a vivid blue mobile steel stall, was inspired by “totem” structures found on London’s historic street markets and Lambeth’s rich history of fortune tellers and mystics that used to be in the area in the sixteenth century. The stall was particularly inspired by the drawings of “totem” structures found in Hugh Alley’s idiosyncratic sixteenth century A Caveatt for the City of London. The structures , were used as markers around which different traders assembled, and often representing the part of the country where the produce was from. In addition, the stall’s design was influenced by Lamberth’s history as a market area renowned for fortune tellers, mystics and peep shows.The sign at the top of the structure for instance reflects stories of chickens that were used to tell people’s fortunes, a tradition that goes back to Roman times. While aiming to reinforce the rejuvenation of the Lower Marsh Market, which was re-launched in 2011, the new “roaming market” created by Aberrant Architecture will act as a local information point. It reuses the structure of a trailer chassis, and features a steel staircase with collapsible balustrades, Once it has arrived at its site, it can unfold into a multi-functional stall incorporating a covered seating area with built-in chess board, and a stage on the roof for events and performances. From 27 June to 31 July 2013Aberrant Architecture: Roaming Market. Waterloo Quarter Food Festival, Lower Marsh, Waterloo, London. (mb) http://aberrantarchitecture.com/Photo ® Aberrant Architecture


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