Organized by Building Trust International, a charity that offers design assistance to communities and individuals in need, The international PLAYscapes competition challenges professional and student architects, designers, engineers, and artists to use their imagination and design skills to turn a neglected, forgotten part of a city into a playscape. The idea is to reintegrate activity into areas that have lost their use through urban evolution, and that are underused, undervalued, and bypassed every day because it’s unsafe, dirty, or just so boring that no one notices it. but could be valuable areas to people who are stressed by daily city life and who have fewer and fewer green and play/chill spaces. The aim is to show how we can make cities fun places with opportunities for interaction and play for children and adults alike. Whether it’s New York, Canberra, Baku, or Belgrade, the disused locations could be anywhere. And a skate park, theme park, graffiti zone, parkour course, interactive landscape, water playground – the playscapes could be anything: the crazier and the more interactive, the better! Participants should only feel limited by their imagination. Building Trust international will work alongside competition partners, local government, and community groups to seek funding and planning for the winning design. Among considerations are climate, safety, affordability, ways of stimulating the local economy, and adaptability. For more details and competition rules, check out the PDF by clicking here or Building Trust International’s official site. date for registration — 1st July 2013
Closing date for all submissions — 29th July 2013
Announcement of winners — 30th September 2013

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